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Mission économique du premier ministre en Chine – Trois entreprise du comté d’Acadie s’ouvre au marché chinois |FR|
2018/02/02 –
Le premier ministre du Québec, Philippe Couillard, et le ministre délégué aux Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, à l’Allègement réglementaire et au Développement économique régional, Stéphane Billette, ont réalisé une mission économique de sept jours en Chine, ayant pour but de diversifier et de développer de nouveaux marchés. Ils étaient accompagnés de 140 entreprises et organismes issus de sept secteurs, soit biens de consommation et sports, construction et technologies vertes, divertissement, général multisectoriel, aliments et boissons, innovation ainsi que culture…

bblüv à la conquête du monde des tout-petits |FR|
2017/03/02 –
Avec un nom de consonance anglophone et une touche scandinave, l’entreprise montréalaise bblüv affiche clairement ses ambitions: vendre ses produits pour enfants partout sur la planète. Au terme de huit ans à diriger une entreprise de distribution de produits pour les tout-petits, Geneviève Thibault et son conjoint Mathieu Tremblay connaissaient précisément les forces du marché et les besoins à combler…

Hot baby accessories
2018/02/24 –
Being a mom is a hard job! I’m mama to three littles (well actually they’re not so little anymore! Not sure when that happened!). When I found baby accessories that make being a mom a little easier, you had better believe I jump on it! These great products from bbluv and Binxy Baby are helping me make sure I get enough time “luving” on my babies…

Good oral care for babies and toddlers
2018/02/20 –
Setting your kids up on a path of good oral hygiene starts early! That said, caring for your baby’s gums and eventual teeth isn’t quite the same as with older children and adults. Geneuviève Thibault, the co-founder of bblüv baby essentials, talks about good oral hygiene for kids. Geneuviève and her husband launched bblüv to provide thoughtfully created, well-designed, safe and durable baby products that will make life simpler for the modern parent…

Gearing up for twins
2018/02/18 –
There was a public health clinic with a self-serve baby scale two blocks from my house when my son was a baby. When we didn’t have anything else to do we could stroll on up to make sure he was gaining weight properly. With my twins likely to be a much lower birthweight than their siblings, I love the idea of being able to monitor their growth from the comfort of home…

No more runny noses thanks to bblüv Rinö
2018/02/16 –
It’s February and we are still in the thick of winter. I’ve had several days where I feel like I’m coming down with something so throughout the day I’ll drink a bunch of Echinacea tea, rub some essential oils on me and I’m good as new by the next morning…

Valentine’s day gift ideas for new parents
2018/02/11 –
A new baby brings so many joys, but it also means lots of baby clothing and gear.  We hope that this posting will help you find the perfect gifts for your new baby, or for a special family on your gift giving list…

A Chat with Supermom, Geneuviève Thibault, Co-Founder of bblüv
2018/02/04 –
From trimming those tiny little fingernails to making sure the bathwater is just the right temperature, caring for a new baby requires parents to master dozens of new tasks. Geneuviève Thibault co-founded bblüv to provide parents with practical, simple and attractive products that can help them care for their little ones. Geneuviève shared about her strategies for prioritizing family time, trusting her instincts, and a hilarious and relatable white lie…

10 must haves for moms and baby from bblüv
2018/01/31 –
Today’s parents need thoughtfully created and well-designed products for their little ones. They deserve quality products that are safe, durable, attractive, and make life easier. Meet bblüv! They put a great deal of effort in the design of their products, so you can be assured that what enters your home will make life simpler for you and your baby. Their goal is to help you worry less about the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ and focus on what really matters: your little ones…

Travel must-haves for young families
2018/01/30 –
Your baby will go gaga over the Nidö 2-in-1 Travel and Play Tent. Compact and light, the Nidö is perfect for the beach, park or hotel room floor. It protects from UVA and UVB rays (SPF 50+), sand, wind, and mosquitoes. It comes with three toys and a removable mat, making cleaning a breeze. The canopy and retractable mesh keep baby happily napping or playing in comfort. Plus, the “pop-up” system makes folding and unfolding easy and fast. It includes a carry bag and fits easily in your luggage…

This is how to keep your baby safe during bath time
2018/01/29 –
January is National Bath Safety Month, so now is a good time for a few tips on keeping baby safe in the bathtub. Babies are wiggly little people. They don’t follow instructions and when they’re all wet, they become slippery, wiggly little people! Not all babies love baths, but most do and as long as you follow a few rules for tub time, you will too…

Meet the Nidö Mini travel bed & UV tent
2016/04/20 –
Sometimes I come across a product a bit too late. I was looking for an item like the bblüv Nidö Mini 2-in-1 Travel Bed & UV Tent when Cub was 5 months old and we went to Mexico. Both on the sand and poolside, I struggled to keep Cub comfortably in the shade. He wasn’t yet mobile, and he also wasn’t sitting independently. However, he was definitely rolling. So, the only “seating” available for him was not exactly a safe solution…

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