Retailer’s General Conditions

Retailers must read, understand and accept the following conditions before they place an order.

Minimum order

Each order must be at least $300 before taxes and shipping fees. A $20 surcharge will be applied to orders under $300.

Order process

bblüv Group accepts requested orders by e-mail : or through the website after creating a Retailer Account.


Payments must be made to “bblüv Group”, as specified on the invoice. Orders may be paid by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or by company check. All opening orders are to be pre-paid by credit card. Please complete and return the credit card authorization form at the time of your first order. We will charge your credit card at the time of shipment (unless approved for Net 30 Terms). Credit card orders that have been declined will not be shipped.

For those who have been approved for Net 30 Terms: payment must be received by due date. If payment is not received on time, a 2% interest will be charged monthly (or 24% annually).

Order processing time

Our order process time is approximately 4 to 6 business days from the receiving date until the shipping date. The process time may vary due to sale volume; it does not include the shipping time. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Shipping fees

We will send your shipment EXW from our warehouse. The ownership of the ordered products is transferred to the retailer when the products leave bblüv Group’s warehouse.

Drop Shipping

bblüv Group offers Drop Ship, with a 15% Drop Ship Fee (or handling fee). Drop Ship Fees do not include shipping fees.


bblüv Group’s products may be damaged during transportation to the retailers. It is the retailer’s responsibility to inspect bblüv Group’s products when receiving the products and to inform bblüv Group at this time of any damage.

Sales returns

Our products are guaranteed against fabrication fault during 90 days from the date of reception and may be returned or replaced. We do not provide credit and will not replace a product if it is damaged because of an inappropriate maintenance or because of normal use. A credit corresponding to the wholesale price of the defective product will be applied to your account and available for your next order. If a retailer needs to have replacement products shipped right away, the shipping charges will be billed to your account.

Any mistake in an order (delivery, price, wrong or missing product) must be reported to bblüv Group by e-mail within 5 business days following the order reception. After this period, bblüv Group is not responsible to reimburse or replace any product. If you ordered products by mistake or if you decided not to keep the ordered products, the items shipped back will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Returning shipping fees are your responsibility.

Any return must be approved beforehand by bblüv Group. To this end, a return authorization form will be provided to you.

Price policy

Price list and related general conditions are subject to change without notification. All prices are in Canadian dollars, before taxes and freight, if any.


bblüv Group is not responsible if a product is out of stock for any reason.

Third party sale / Vente à des tierces parties

bblüv Group prohibits the resale of any of our products through all third party digital marketplaces. This includes sites such as Amazon and eBay. Customers may only offer our products for sale over the internet on websites that they own and that features their own domain names. It is not allowed to resell our products to another retailer.


bblüv Group cannot provide with any exclusivity for a specific sale territory unless an agreement with bblüv Group or its representative is concluded to this end.

Product photos & Advertising

If you wish to promote our products, we will be pleased to provide you with promotion material for them, including product photos. bblüv Group reserve the right to approve any text and statement made about our products that is intended to be used for advertising of our products.

General conditions and normal processes

These general conditions and normal processes apply for each order. They may be modified at any time by bblüv Group.

Opening an account with bblüv implies that you have read, understood the above-mentioned conditions and accept them.